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Ramin Aryaie is a german-iranian audio-visual artist and freelance designer based in Cologne, Germany.

They realise small and large-scale projects, commissioned and in self-initiated formats.

connecting dots

Ramin works between film, experimental video pieces, photography, fine art, audiovisual performance, print- and webdesign. From an early age their work has drawn from the inspiration of being around people as well as nature. This interest has translated into a very collaborative approach to projects.

In 2014 they founded the trans-media project, under which they self-published their first book “Black Magic Baby Jesus”. In 2020 they were involved in the release of “Still Burning” by co-directing two documentary films and layouting two 150+ page informative books on the global hard-coal infrastructure.

Over the years they have worked for clients such as the Royal Opera House, Damien Rice, Transgressive Records, Client Earth, Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, s t a r g a z e,, Klimaallianz, PEOPLE Festival, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Europe Beyond Coal, Stay Grounded, HEAL, Eldorado Experience/Folch Media, Michelberger Hotel and Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz Köln.


Recent works

Pouya Ehsaei & Tormoz @ Timcheh Electronic Music Festival 2021
Lash - Jeremy Black (ft.FJAAK)
Charade - Jeremy Black ft. White Denim
In a dialogue
Colin Stetson

An Overview

of the spectrum of my work


I tried to write a few sentences about me


From exploring dance to abstract interpretations of sonic pieces


Between installations, live AV performances and visuals for concerts

Visual Art

Discoveries of the world through photography, editing, layering and deconstructing.


I realise a variety of projects in print, web and branding.

collaborative transmedia

collaborative transmedia

Sand, Salt Water on Eldorado

Sand, Salt Water on Eldorado

"The road to Wadi Dana is long and deserted. No signs indicate where to go. We walk to the edge and look out. An endless stony desert, interrupted by dry bushes that somehow survive with the little water they can draw from the ground and the occasional rain that...

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