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Over/Under Ground

Comissioned by the Royal Opera House sees a single hand-held camera follow soprano Katherine Manley as she moves around public spaces in Berlin, taking the operatic voice (having been forced) outside its usual context as she performs the aria ‘Verso già l‘alma col sangue’ from Handel’s cantata Aci, Galatea e Polifemo. A film by Ramin Aryaie and André de Ridder Credits: • Director: André de Ridder • Cinematographer and editor: Ramin Aryaie • Soprano: Katherine Manley • Dancer: Miriam Arnold • Electronics/Music: Jan St Werner and Georg Frideric Handel • Synthesizer: André de Ridder • Field Recording and Sound Design: Joel Jaffe • Additional Mixing: Valentin de Ridder 8bit is a series of eight newly-commissioned experimental experiences from The Royal Opera, bringing together some of the most innovative contemporary artists, pushing the boundaries of the art form. The other works in this series can be experienced on the Royal Opera House’s Facebook, YouTube and Instagram channels, or by searching #OurHouseToYourHouse