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My creative work began with photography at the age of 12. Ever since capturing and reinterpreting the world around me has been part of my life.

4 continents

Over the past years I have traveled around the world researching and capturing the beauty that surrounds us everyday. This gigantic collection of over 150.000 photographs evolves into ever new forms of art.


Over the past 5 years I developed a unique way of image creation. Through layering of images I research what we see and feel when we frgament what perceive as reality.

Is there a reality more real than what we see? How do we resonate with what we cannot simply label?


Many works are created in the frame of larger projects. They explore issues from various perspectives.


There is a broad variety of projects that I work on as a freelance artist.

I would love to hear from you: with an idea for collaboration, a job or feedback.