urbanrecall is a collaborative project by Ali Chakav, Joel Jaffe and Navid Razavi.
They question the methodologies of the transformations of urban living space, as well as their individual and collective perception of it. Analogous to this question, they develop concepts in which they collect acoustic, visual and forensic materials from this living space and present them in audio-visual, site-specific performances and installations. The interplay of the multi-channel sound constructions and projections, which generate volumetric light sculptures, should invite the recipients to let themselves fall and drift between the frequencies. Here it is of fundamental importance that there is no clear focus, no directional structure, and that it is possible to move freely at all times.
Due to our experimental way of working, there are no linear-narrative processes, which is why each work stands for itself and sets unalterable processes that sometimes get lost in multi-dimensional directions, sometimes find themselves again.

Part of this project is being realized in collaboration with the Iranian poet, journalist and media artist Shabnam Azar.

Shabnam Azar, Ali Chakav, Navid Razavi & Joel Jaffe
Total Duration 120 Min, 8x audio and 4x video Installation
13. March 2020 Schokoladenmuseum Cologne -Germany
Video documentaion by Ramin Aryaie

Multi-media Live performance in collaboration with Shabnam Azar