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My work over the years has covered a wide range of film genres. It all started with making music videos while travelling. But as I was living in the jungle in Vanuatu I started to document what I saw. This is how my first documentary Black Magic Baby Jesus (2016) came into being. Ever since my work and collaborations have delved into experimental film, dance and circus, concerts, installations as well as a documentary on the global hard coal industry, Still Burning (2020).



In 2014 Ramin founded a platform for experimental art and new media called VOIIAGE. Ever since it has grown into a vast collection of films, images, sound recordings, stories and more, bringing together collaborations by over 20 artists from all around the world. The project is split into various branches each discovering a different focus, from world music to performance arts, from new digital processing techniques to the human body in relation to nature.

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Ramin has developed his ways of working by autodidactically experimenting with various approaches and mediums. Having developed his style away from universities and institutions he was able to go new and innovative ways in cross-media art. The result is a unique approach to film and art that merges a variety of established techniques with cutting edge technology.

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