Ramin Aryaie

Ramin Aryaie is a german-iranian audio-visual artist, activist, film maker and freelance designer. He grew up in western Germany, making art and design from a young age. With 16 he moved to Malaysia for a year. After finishing high school he left Europe for a few years to hitchhike around New Zealand and sail the South Pacific. Over the years he has traveled in 30 countries, self-learning photography, film and design along the way.

When he returned from his 3 year trip, he wrote, designed and self-released his first photo-book ‘Black Magic Baby Jesus’, a thorough documentation of life in general and his experiences in specific on several islands in Vanuatu. The book focuses on the topics of patriarchy, neocolonialism, spirituality and domestic violence.

Exploring the cross-over between systemic discrimination, economic exploitation and spiritual practices has long interested Ramin and influenced his work. This is how he ended up bringing together art, activism and spirituality. There are no borders or limits to how mediums, perspectives and approaches can be mixed to resemble reality much more than we are used to.


Selected jobs + Projects

Teaching seminar and media/film mentoring, Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz, Köln (2021)

Trailer and concert films for “Post Beethoven Fest” (2021)

Performancefilm and poster design “Zwischenräume”, Lübeck, Germany (2021)

Urban Recall immersive AV Concert Film (2021)

Layout EU-Version der Steinkohlebroschüre Still Burning (2020)

Weiterentwicklung (Redesign, Mehrsprachigkeit) + Betreuung stay-grounded.org (2020)

Entwicklung Pageflow Projekt “Inside | Outside” für Cantus Domus – Berlin (2020)

Drohenaufnahmen & Filmschnitt eines Social Media Videos für 350.org (2020)

Layout “KURZE – eine literarische Anthologie” für die Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln (2020)

Documentary Series “Still Burning” (2019)

Redesign Corporate Identity “Stay Grounded” (2019)

Sand, Salt and Water, Eldoradoexperience.org (2019)

Entwicklung Visual Identity der Pledge-Kampagne “Let’s Stay Grounded” (2019)

Plakat und Flyerdesign MAIZ für Treemedia – Köln (2019)

Entwicklung und Umsetzung einer Künstlerwebsite für Franzis Exzess – Köln (2019)

Entwicklung Website “Mach Zukunft” Bildungsprojekt – Köln (2019)

Entwicklung Corporate Identity, Website, Speisekarte für Radmosphäre – Essen (2019)

Black Magic Baby Jesus, Eldoradoexperience.org (2019)

Live Visuals für s t a r g a z e im Palast der Republik – Berlin (2019)

Konzertfilm “Paradies + Peri” für Cantus Domus – Berlin (2019)

Produktion + Schnitt Musikvideo “Petite Boom – Awefekt” (2019)

Redesign Website “Cantus Domus” – Berlin (2019)

Konzertfilm “Anthracite Fields” für Cantus Domus – Berlin (2018)

Kamera bei Studioaufnahmen von Damien Rice und Cantus Domus – Funkhaus, Berlin (2018)

Performance, Kunstinstallation und Film bei Festivals in Lettland und Deutschland (2018)

Kamera beim Michelberger Music Festival – Berlin (2016)



PEOPLE Festival, Kometa Festival, Waldhealing Festival, LSD.75 (2018)

Live Visuals with AWEFEKT at Urban Spree + Michelberger Hotel

Live Visuals at AZ Köln


Drifting Gypsies, Solo Ausstellung, Herr Pimock, Köln (2016)

Sony World Photogr. Award Gruppenausstell. London (2013/14)

The Glance Solo Ausstellung BUGS, Köln (2012)

Memories & Moments Solo Ausstellung Kölnkiosk, Köln (2012)

The Glance Gruppenausstell. Werthhaus, Köln (2012)



Over/Under Ground, Royal Opera House (2021)

Spectres (2021)

Haunted Ghosts, Not Alright (2020)

safe spaces (2019)


Remembered Unknown (2019)

Petite Boom – Awefekt (2019)

Paradies + Peri (2019)

Defend the Sacred (2019)

Ankoku Butoh (2019)

took me out (2019)

aeriality (2018)

The Gleam (2018)

Anthracite Fields (2018)

Against All Logic (2018)


Burrnesha – Vjollca Robelli Mrip (2017)

SPIRITS – with Vincent Moon (2016)


Colin Stetson Live Recorded at the Michelberger Hotel, Berlin, PEOPLE Label (2016)

The Staves – In a Hallway + Damn it All (with Bon Iver) (2016)

s t a r g a z e Mixtape with Kill the Vultures, Poliça, Holly Blakey (2016)

Spell No More – Roddy Sim & Lewis Skelly (2016)


PAIN (2015)

DIVORCE (2015)

Cartoon & Cereal (2015)

HOPE (2015)

Encore (2015)