Ramin Aryaie

Film . visual . design


Ramin Aryaie is a visual artist and designer based in Cologne Germany. He works independently on a variety of projects in various roles, including film making, web design, photography, branding and live performance. He is founder of the design company ARYAIE and the art studio VOIIAGE as well as co-founder of the Liva Collective.


Discoveries of the world and the soul through photography and digital layering techniques


Film reimagined: from exploring of the human body to abstract interpretations of sonic pieces


Ramin founded ARYAIE, a collaborative design studio creating branding for artists


Works stretching between installations, live AV performances and visuals for concerts

Ramin Aryaie is a german-iranian audio-visual artist and freelance designer.

He works in websites, films, photography, AV performance, print design and developing online platforms. This website showcases his wide range of artistic and commercial work.

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Latest Projects


AERIALITY is a new kind of circus film discovering aerial acrobatics through multi-facetted editing and one-shot filming.

Black Magic Baby Jesus

An ethnographic documentary project combining a 270 page photo book, a sonic documentary and an 18-part web series.

The Liva Collective

Ramin is the co-founder of a collective of artists and storytellers realising and publishing independent projects aimed at exploring privilege and discrimination.

Michelberger Music 2016

Welcome to a collection of audio-visual memories of the Nameless Endless. We hope you bring some time and curiosity to join us on this complex hybridal journey through sounds, colours, shapes and emotions.