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Gaua – A Dream



In December 2015 we had to say goodbye to our beloved red sailboat “Noalani”. She was our friend and our home for 7 months and she carried us from New Zealand to Vanuatu, through storms, over whales and down gigantic waves. As I watch her disappear on the endless horizon the sadness of the goodbye is mixed with excitement and anticipation. The next adventure begins soon.It is an island called GAUA.

This impression part of the DREAM series. Films recorded on the road hitchhiking around the world. Visual, impressional memories accompanying Hybrids, long-read articles and photographs on VOIIAGE.ORG. They are composed to original music and released under a Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike Creative Commons License.

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music by Leonie Ohlow: Oasen Likoer
written as a present for Oskar

film and edit by ramin krause
as a present to the wonderful family in bravet

thanks you to rokatson’s family for being a home to me.
thank you to gaua island for all the peace and energy.